The werewolf king‘s mate
Temple Alli
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"I'll ruin you till there's nothing left to give."Every member of the lupine Realm lost his sanity after few centuries of living without a mate. King Sinclair de Noir was resigned to a life in the wild, mateless and alone. Till he finds out that the girl he's been torturing in his dungeons is his mate."I'm not weak. I won't let you break me."Vannie Alba is vengeful. The King may have killed her family and captured her for torture, but by the goddess, she'll make him pay, eye for eye. Even if he tells her now that they are mates and acts like he has changed, she will never forgive him."My kingdom for a kiss."Their relationship is doomed from the start because of an ancient prophecy. Now, the tortured Alpha has to prove to his mate that he's worthy of her love, no matter how impossible it seems. Can he win her heart before it's too late?The Werewolf King's Mate is created by Temple Alli, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Chapter 1 : The Four Moons


Vannie had been a prisoner under the King's dungeons for four moons.

So she was experienced enough to know that something was wrong when the King's Keepers entered her cell. Each Keeper was about three times her size in their human form, hulking bodies covered in black cloaks, and eyes filled with bloodlust.

The two Keepers moved to work on the chains that bound her to the filthy ground with an accuracy that was meant to intimidate. She wondered with mild detachment what they had in store for her. If they were taking off her chains, it had to be one of those days where they loved to see her try to escape, then restrict her just to double the punishments.

"Where are you taking me to?" She dared to ask as one of the men flung her to her feet with one hand, not really expecting an answer.

But they gave her one nonetheless "We're taking you to meet the King" because they knew the reply would send fear crawling down her spine. But after the fear came th

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