Touch In The Dark
Irene Davison (Esperanza)
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"Stop, please, No." She cried bringing her palms in front to push him more. "Why? Don't you know that you would be found easily? No matter what?" He rasped bringing his mouth close to her ears sniffing the unique fragrance she had. "Don't do this please." She cried in her miserable state. "Why? Don't you know, you are already ........" "Stop, Please... No...Don't...." She put her palms on her ears to turn herself deaf to avoid listening to those words. "STRIP" He pulled her hands away and made sure to burn her ears with one particular word. Vincenzo Moretti, Capo Dei Capi or known as Godfather has everything the way he wants. Evelyn Rossi, a sweet innocent girl had nothing to do with the world of Mafia until she made a mistake and buried that secret deep inside her heart. Leaving the country she started a new peaceful life until he arrived and opened the darkest chapter of her life. And this time she had no way to run or hide. Because he was determined to make her pay for everyth


Milan, Italy

On a chilly winter night, a small group of high school brats came out of a small restaurant while laughing and singing "Happy Birthday To You." Their smiles were the brightest glimpse of excitement and love in such a gloomy dark night. The wind blew high sending chills through everyone's protective layers of fabric. Yet their excitement didn't die rather increased with their paces. Those faces had calmness, happiness, and above all a different set of innocence even though none of them was a rich spoilt brat or blessed with enormous money and luxury. The small celebration they made for their long-term friend was everything they could cherish right at that moment.

As the night grew they increased their pace to the nearby bus stop to board their respective public transport to return to their warm embraces.


They all were returning home after finishing school and celebrating the little happiness. The birthday girl stood with a large smile on her face and her bag pack was stuffed with the small gifts given by her friends. Those were not some expensive pieces of metal but those were the souvenir of their love and compassion. She waved her hands to her friends who managed to get their buses. They were willing to give her some company until her bus arrived but she pushed them back knowing the uncertainty of getting transport on a late winter night.

"Drop me a note when you reach your home honey. Love you......." Her childhood friend Nina's voice trailed down to her ears once she boarded the bus and waved back her hands after giving a flying kiss.

She returned the same while replying.

"I will drop you a text message, honey."

Once they left she brought her cell phone out and found two text messages from her brother who was worried like hell for her. The increasing crime rate of Milan had no doubt created havoc on people's minds. Italy was always famous for birthing Mafias and upbringing different "Capo" (Boss) from different dangerous groups. Previously it was Sicily and now Milan crossed all those thresholds as per the latest report. She dropped a note to her brother mentioning her return within half an hour. Glancing at the time-space in her cell phone she decided to start walking to reach her home early and also to grab any other transport quickly.

During this season the Milan always wore a blanket of coldness. The snow falls, little rains used to add more of the Winter Queen's tantrums. Wrapping her overcoat tightly around her body she tightened the straps of her bag. Rubbing her palm to generate some external heat she put them inside her pockets to walk a little faster. The cold wind started bashing her mercilessly making her lips chapped a little. Her continuous licking wasn't doing good. The only tempting offer she could see in front of her eyes was her soft fur blanket and her comfortable bed in her room with a bowl of hot chicken soup.

"Mmmm." Even the thought of hot soup in the cold winter night made her mouth watery. She tightened the muffler around her neck and pulled down her woolen cap a little to cover her ears. Those white snowflakes were decorating her cap and overcoat like some small pieces of glitter.

Her pace increased as she passed another dark alley while looking at her back for at least one source of her relief. Non-availability of transport made her face sullen and mood bitter. She was still peeking at her back while walking in faster steps to avoid any unwanted situation when her body banged hard with someone who was coming from the opposite.

The man was in so much hurry that he didn't bother to apologize rather shoved her away to run further.

"Excuse me, sir... Please..." She was trying to say take care of the way the man banged with her, for sure he was surely in hurry. Her words couldn't manage to come out from her mouth as he kept on running in the direction from where she came and she stood there dumbfounded for certain seconds. The darkness didn't allow her to see the man's face and brushing off her thoughts she decided to walk away from there. Turning her face she shook her head to move when a group of people just appeared from the left corner in front of her. They were standing just a few feet away and she had to cross them all to walk further. At the very first moment, it would simply look like some gang of goons or illegal people who were waiting to abduct or do shits with her. But to her surprise, those men from the group were all dressed in a black dress, and most of their faces were covered due to dim light. Even they need to step ahead a bit, for her to see their face.

She was thinking of all possible negative impacts that could happen at that moment when a loud shriek hit her eardrums followed by a loud gunshot.


Even though she was facing them, she could clearly understand the source of the gunshot. It was fired behind her and she was practically shaken by the sound. Even her basic instinct of running of walking was lost. Sweat beads appeared on her face as she tried to convince her mind by saying that it was just a nightmare.

Seconds passed and neither she nor the group in front moved towards each other. Finally, she managed to gather some courage to turn her face to find out about the reality of the situation. Just the moment she turned her face, her body froze again. A man's body was leaning as two men were dragging him by his hands. She could recognize that the man was the same who collided with her a few minutes back. That indicated his escape and the reason for his rush. But what she failed to understand was the reason for his death. Just looking at those two men dragging the limp body who was not at all dead as he was still moving a little, she started feeling nauseating. He was not shot on the head or somewhere, rather he was shot to be crippled for the time being. A small groan could be also heard from the man's mouth as they were approaching near her.

Now that her one way was blocked by those men with a half-dead body, she looked forward to seeing if those previous men were still standing or not blocking the path. They were still standing as some strong guards of a kingdom. She didn't understand whether they were rivals to each other or not until one from the other end shouted,

"Boss, the job is done. We can torture him further."

Immediately the tallest and quite widest man stepped forward under the street light when she got a glimpse of the man. Precisely his grey smoldering eyes, they were prominently visible like a wolf's eye under the night sky. The snowflakes covered his black overcoat too but the darkness he was radiating was enough to consume her in a deathly hallow. She shivered just with the mere presence of him even though they had few feet left in between to cover. Her mind froze as she feel him dominating the entire ambiance just by his dark presence. The fading street light reflected on his sharp jawline was enough to cut through her body. His pointed nose and perfectly sculptured face were depicting anything but pragmatic.

She took a back step even though he didn't step forward. Another voice echoed in the air as the snowfall turned heavy turning the vision of her a little blurry.

"What to do with her? She saw......." The man standing behind her didn't finish when that grey-eyed monster raised his hand to stop him.

Now she could see them putting the final nail in her coffin of hope. At first, she thought she could pass them by pretending she had seen nothing. Now as all the men seemed to belong to one single group, her chances of survival decreased to zero. If those bulky men just jumped on her, her body would not be found and there would be just a small column in tomorrow's newspaper about her missing report.

Her heart raced against her will. Even on that chilly winter night, she felt her body getting heated up with unknown fear. That shouldn't happen. She shouldn't see what she had seen just now. It was a mere gunshot and she knew none of them. Their faces weren't cleared except the man who was standing under the street light and those two who were behind her back. Above all, she had no plan of lodging a police complaint but she knew none of those men would spare a second to listen to her. If they had decided something they would fulfill it no matter what.

"Run." Her subconscious mind screamed inside to help her react to that clumsy situation.

Without wasting a single time and looking for their further action or reaction she turned her body to her right towards the main road. Her path in front and back was blocked but not her both sides. She took that opportunity to just jump on the road to cross and reach the opposite. The far she would go, the safer she would be from them and him. She sprinted to the right with all the reflexes and strength she had to run embracing her freedom.

"Screech...." "Bang.."

A small body flew up and fell immediately on the road when a car passed in speed. A curse left from the man's mouth as he and his members were looking at the situation. Even they hadn't seen that coming. The snowfall and misty fog already made the ambiance thick and any car that was rushing through the road won't be able to recognize such sudden appearance of any human being on the road. The owner of the car didn't stop when he realized he hit a woman or a girl or a living object that abruptly popped in front and eventually he blew that after failing to apply the brake. He didn't dare to stop the car to avoid getting into trouble.

Those men and their boss walked towards the limp body lying on the road in a pool of blood falling on her face. The thin layer of snow below her face turned pink as her blood did the justice.

"Check her. If she dies it would be better for us." One of those men ordered when another man crouched down to check her condition. Their Boss was all standing silently looking at the body drenched in blood with those scattered small gifts around her which fell from her bag. Even in the dark, his eyes didn't miss the small birthday card where a message was written in Red Colour.

"Happy Birthday Love."


Forever Yours Love.

"Boss, she is..................."

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