Sakura in the Gravity
Audrius Razma
117 k word

Three friends one night in Osaka receives a text message from an unknown number offering money for killing Yakuza; their journey of friendship in military drama begins. Their fight for life and friendship does take in a lot of places to champion their enemies they never intended to see or know about and save the world they live in.


Takeshi Castle

When a business dealer does not pay what he owes, the business comes to a stop.

Welcome to the Northern European mind games from the depths of hell in business he was travelling.

The bodyguard escorted him home from Sweden.

The business dealer, he was a very poor reputation company director.

He was looking for a very serious security. When he abused a woman and child, he knew the death threats he had were not threats of compiled letters.

The escort to Klaipeda was on a route through Latvia in a rental car to cross the borders to his mansion of sedition and abuse of power to a poor family.

His driver felt worn off from a long journey home, and it was late night they drove past near Nemirseta forest of the NATO Military facility.

When in the back, they broke their headlight.

The vehicles came to a halt exchanging their insurance details, and the business dealer stepped out with his bodyguard.

He squeezed his eyebrows, thinking those fools can escape without paying double to waste his time on a cold late night.

"This will cost you a lot more and you know it".

The first slug made its way in a bad business dealer's face leaves him to die.

Another gun fire round makes its way to bodyguard's chest. With a hole in his body, he takes a chance for his life in the forest.

Our gunman with his six-shooter let his breath out.

"Why you always have to get the right thing before the righteousness gets undone?"

He drove off, and it was never his intent to kill besides the target. He took money and pride to see laying a corpse waste before his eyes.


A little later, two school children are meeting their senior school friend in the cafe opposite the school.

He is now a fresh recruit to Lithuanian police officers.

His name is Simon Says.

He was a well-known rascal of the school. His graduating changed his views and to be the respectful guy in the ministry of justice.

Lord Ignacius and Magnum Mage who are young and open-minded schoolboys are now thrilled to meet their friend that led them through their junior years in their school.

"I know you just joined the police, but did you hear about the homicide? It took place last week, about a few kilometres away from our town."

"We have plenty of rumours, but nothing confirmed yet."

Magnum Mage stirs his tea and takes a sharp look, not taking his gaze off Simon Says sitting in uniform looking at two highschool friends.

"We will see what death will bring."


The days have gone and years followed within the days to once more for three friends to meet, but far from where they have grown up.

Downtown Osaka is full of bars and cafes overcrowded with a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

It is usual Simon Says has a bit of coffee and with relief of his breath thinking about his friends he speaks.

"If I would not have to run my mouth so far. I would not have to travel so far from home but I am happy to meet all of you again."

Mage leaning on his right arm places three fingers to his cheek bones to think more of Simon.

"I was always interested in other cultures. I never knew I would explore such an amazing culture with my friends. This is a double bonus."

Ignacius lifts his lips to smile and brushes his long beard before he replies.

"I am not that thrilled working here. I am a noodle chef but I was way happy to gain qualification after such failed school exams. You know guys from my experience, such a country we are in pays a lot more but at the end of the day I am left with a bowl of noodles on my table."

"We were a grand country before the Soviet war criminals. They ruined our economy with their military occupation and threatened everyone with their death camps."

Magnum Mage thought out loud from their school history books theory lessons they thought they knew.

"Simon, how is your life after getting caught for taking bribes and in police prison?"

Simon replies he is working for a private security agency that is built of a failed policeman like him.

"I enjoy once again providing safety to people and placing handcuffs on the wicked ones."

"I am just working in the farmhouse of my uncle. I cannot see any future besides this work."

Magnum Mage was not sympathetic answering his question and did not make eye contact just had another drink from his matcha bowl.


Our three friends walked to the district of the bars in Osaka.

When they thought they had enough drinks.

Ignacius' mobile phone flashes with a message from an unknown number.

The text message was written he has to reply yes or no for an offer of thirty millions of US dollars for a contract.

he replies yes.

Ignacius says looks to his drunk friends,

"I think you cannot believe it, but I said yes to an offer of ten million dollars from an unknown message."

"You are joking with me."

Simon pours another drink in his mouth.

Mage abstains from further comments. He is looking with them concern at concern.

When a second message appears in Ignacius' phone with instructions of how they should commit the hit to a local businessman.

Ignacius slams his drink to a table, spoiling his clothes with alcohol, finding it hard to speak out loud himself, keeping it long what he waited to speak long ago.

"Fock it I am going for it even to see if it is a joke because I dislike how locals treat me."

Simon cannot control his joy from a joke he thought to be in and found himself amused about his friends together and he felt a revolt he did in school.

"As a former policeman I advise you against your wishes."

Three friends take a walk out onto the narrow footpath leading from Osaka Castle hill holding onto each other.

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