The Billionairess Is My Ex-Wife?
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Since marrying Felix Joan three years ago, Rubi Felton had dedicated herself to serving the entire Joan family, hoping to thaw Felix's cold heart. However, when he insisted that she donate her kidney to another woman, Rubi realized that Felix would never change. This revelation awakened her, prompting her to leave behind a divorce agreement, allowing Felix to be with his true love. Many people viewed this as a joke. "Rubi is just being greedy. She won't actually divorce Felix. She's just trying to make more money!" Rubi laughed at these comments and responded, "I'm over him now. I'm going back home to inherit a fortune worth billions." Her words were met with derision from those around her. Soon, Rubi became the youngest entrepreneur on the rich list. When it was revealed that she was Mr. Joan's ex-wife, everyone was shocked! After divorcing Rubi, Felix couldn't help but feel intense jealousy when he saw her being pursued by several gorgeous men. Rubi sneered, "It's better to keep a dog than to keep a man. I'm not interested in dating my ex."


Chapter 1

The night fell.

The Joan's villa was brightly lit. Occasional laughter and cheerful voices could be heard in the living room.

Rubi was slicing the vegetables alone in the kitchen, feeling dizzy and sore all over. Every breath she took was torture.

She had been running a fever since this morning.

Yet she didn't even have time to go out and buy medicine. The heavy housework kept her occupied.

"Hey! Are you done? Why does it take you so long to cook a meal? I can't believe Felix married a useless woman like you who cannot even bear him a child!" Nora Joan urged impatiently in front of the kitchen. "Felix and Rowan are starving!"

Rubi felt a burning pain in her throat. She coughed lightly, accustomed to Nora, Felix's sister, treating her this way.

"The meal will be ready in a minute."

"Hurry up! Rowan isn't a bumpkin like you. She is delicate and needs nutritious food. If you don't take care of her well, Felix won't spare you!"

Rubi smiled bitterly as she thought to herself how truly ridiculous she had been.

She was like a maid in the Joan's villa, taking care of the whole family's daily life. However, in Felix's eyes, she was nothing compared to Rowan Hansen.

Nora mocked Rubi.

"Remember your place! If Rowan didn't happen to go abroad when Grandpa was eager for a grandkid, a lowly woman like you'd never marry into our family! It's been three years since you married Felix, and you still can't get pregnant. How worthless! You'd better piss off now!"

Rubi watched as Nora turned and went back to the living room, clutching the corner of her clothes. Faint sounds could be heard from outside the kitchen.

"Felix, did I bring you trouble? Rubi wouldn't be angry, right?" Rowan sounded pitiful.


Felix's tenderness towards Rowan was something Rubi had always longed for but never experienced.

Rubi stood alone in the kitchen, her heart sinking gradually. She caught a glimpse of the ring gift box in the trash can and couldn't help but find it absurd.

When she married Felix back then, she wanted a ring. Felix bought a 5-dollar ring for her from a stall.

Although the ring was a bit small for her, she forcefully put the ring on her finger and wore it all the time.

She thought that after wearing the ring for a long time, one day, it would fit her finger, just like her marriage with Felix.

She did her best to maintain their marriage for three years.

However, the man whom she had wholeheartedly loved didn't even remember that today was their third wedding anniversary.

She prepared a dinner for them in spite of her fever. Yet it ended up turning into a banquet to welcome Rowan's return.

All her efforts, all her compromises, and all her hopes over the past three years became a joke.

"Ms. Felton, sorry to disturb you. Let me help you."

Rowan walked into the kitchen with an apologetic look, offering to help.

Rubi stared at the elegant and fashionable woman in front of her without expression and sneered. "Ms. Hansen, you should call me Mrs. Joan."

Rowan's voice was gentle, yet it was enough to hurt Rubi's pride. "Rubi, the only woman Felix has ever loved is me. You are just a substitute he married. You have occupied him for three years, and you should be satisfied. Now that I'm back, I'll give you 1.6 million dollars. You'd better be sensible and get lost with this money."

Rubi calmly smiled, but deep down she felt very sad.

"I'm so sorry. I prefer being Mrs. Joan over having 1.6 million dollars. Also, Ms. Hansen, please remember that as long as I don't divorce Felix, I will always be his wife and the Joan family's daughter-in-law. You are just a home wrecker who destroys someone else's family.

"You'll always be an object of ridicule."

The word "home wrecker" hurt Rowan.

Her face instantly became ferocious.

"Don't get too carried away. Just wait! If something happens to me when I'm with you, Felix won't let you off the hook!"

Rubi had a bad feeling. "What do you want to do?"

Without waiting for Rubi to react, Rowan made up her mind and swiftly picked up the long knife on the cutting board, stabbing it directly into her abdomen.

Rubi immediately stepped forward to grab Rowan's hand and shouted, "Are you crazy?"

Rubi didn't expect that Rowan was ruthless enough to forcefully push her away.

In their struggle, the sharp blade cut Rubi's arm. She groaned in pain and loosened her grip. Then she saw blood gushing out from Rowan's body.

Rowan smiled at Rubi's terrified gaze and yelled loudly towards the door, "Felix, help! Rubi wants to kill me!"

Rubi trembled at once. The next second, she saw Felix rushing in, his face full of anger.

She wanted to explain, but she couldn't utter a single sound.

Suffering from a high fever and blood loss, she collapsed to the ground, her vision blurring.

Before losing consciousness, Rubi saw Felix heartlessly step over her and anxiously carry Rowan out, leaving her lying in a pool of blood.

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