VIP Member Service Agreement
Subscription Service Agreement
  1. Acceptance and modification of Terms of Service

    1.1 This agreement is between the VIP Member and Hong Kong Pocket Technology Limited ("iReader") regarding the User's membership in iReader VIP and the use of iReader's VIP Membership Services. This Agreement describes the rights and obligations between iReader and the VIP Member regarding software licensing and the use of the Service and related aspects. "VIP Member" or "You" means an individual or a single entity enjoying the VIP Membership services provided by iReader. This Service Agreement constitutes a prerequisite for you (whether person or entity) to use the VIP Membership Services provided by iReader and you are not entitled to use the Services under this Agreement unless you accept the terms of this Agreement. Your use will be deemed to be binding on the terms of this Agreement.

    1.2 iReader reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Service at any time. IReader will promptly notify you of any changes or changes to the Terms of Service. If the VIP Member does not agree to the modification of this Agreement, you may cancel the Service and discontinue use. VIP Members continue to use the services provided by iReader, then as VIP members have accepted all the modifications of this agreement.

    1.3.You are required to review and accept or not accept this Agreement, the minor shall be reviewed and performed under the legal guardian, and the rights and obligations of the minor under this Agreement shall be deemed to have been recognized by the legal guardian, IReader VIP Membership Services must be fully and strictly adhered to the terms of this Service Agreement.

  2. Service Description

    2.1 The iReader product is owned by the iReader VIP Member Services and is owned by iReader. The services provided by iReader will be strictly enforced in accordance with its Terms of Service and Operating Rules. VIP Members shall be bound by this Agreement and the iReader Network Service Use Agreement when enjoying any single service of iReader.

    2.2 iReader has the right to supervise, prompt and check all the activities of the VIP member online. If the VIP member's behavior violates relevant laws and regulations or violates the provisions of this Agreement, iReader has the right to ask for its rectification and pursue its responsibility.

    2.3 iReader provides all services to VIP members are limited to VIP members in the iReader platform to use any malicious hacking and other illegal means to provide services iReader iReader platform with the separation of the contents of the agreement are not provided in this agreement iReader provided service. The resulting legal consequences of all the responsible by the perpetrator, iReader will be held accountable the perpetrator's legal responsibility

    2.4 When a VIP member uses iReader services, the VIP member's use is deemed to be the terms of service for each individual service and iReader's agreement to issue various announcements in the individual service.

    2.5 You expressly understand and agree that iReader VIP members are paid by way of collection by the collecting operator. There are certain business risks that you may incur by using this payment method, including but not limited to the use of your account or bank card by lawless elements. A price card and other illegal activities, these risks will give you the corresponding economic losses. You should bear the tortfeasor to pursue tort liability and accountability can not be the consequences.

    2.6 You are solely responsible for the proper and proper custody, use and maintenance of the account, account information and account password you have obtained from iReader. You should take necessary and effective measures to safeguard your account information and account passwords. IReader disclaims liability for any non-iReader account that results in your account password being compromised and you are in danger of improper storage, use, or maintenance.

    2.7 iReader disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage you may incur as a result of a third party's actions or omissions, including but not limited to payment services and network access services, or any third party's infringement.

  3. Become a VIP member of the program

    3.1 Before you become an iReaderVIP member, you must first register as an iReader user based on real, accurate information. IReader reserves the right to refuse the application or revoke its VIP membership, and will not give any compensation or refund VIP membership service fee. VIP member's personal data changes, should promptly modify the registered personal data, otherwise the resulting VIP membership rights can not be fully effective exercise of responsibility by the VIP members themselves, iReader has the right to cancel its VIP membership, and is not refundable VIP membership fee or any other form of compensation.

    3.2 Users can become iReader VIP members through a variety of existing and future new channels, including but not limited to: VIP membership through online banking payment, mobile payment or third party payment. In the user to use a specific way to become a VIP member, must read and confirm the acceptance of the relevant terms of service and use. IReader hereby declares that: iReader has never authorized any third party units or individuals to sell, transfer iReaderVIP membership, any unauthorized sale of iReaderVIP members are illegal sales, iReader have the right to pursue their legal responsibility.

    3.3 As a VIP member, VIP members have the right not to accept the iReader service, may apply to cancel the VIP member services, but does not receive VIP membership fee refund.

    3.4 iReader VIP member account ownership owned by iReader, VIP members have a limited use of iReader account.

    3.5 iReader only provides the relevant network services, in addition to the related network services related equipment (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other access to the Internet or mobile network-related devices) and the cost (such as access to the Internet And the payment of telephone charges and Internet access fees for the use of mobile networks and mobile payment) should be borne by the VIP members themselves.

  4. VIP membership services and account inquiries

    4.1 Once you become an iReaderVIP Member, you will be deemed to have accepted the price indicated by the service. Once you become an iReaderVIP member, the service will take effect immediately.

    4.2 VIP members of the value-added services charges to iReader website marked on the detailed tariff rates prevail, iReader have the right to change their own business development needs based on the charges, but iReader will be based on actual operation of different stages have been activated and continued effective VIP members To renew, upgrade the different tariff concessions, specific preferential policies to iReader in the relevant service page notice the contents of the subject.

    4.3 You can log in iReaderVIP Member Center for free access to your account information details, including the service has been opened, the service period, the amount of consumption, transaction status.

  5. VIP membership and service period

    5.1 Your online access: Your reading cycle will not be prolonged due to interruptions, terminations, rewinds, etc. during the reading period.

    5.2 VIP membership services provided books have a fixed reading service period, once you become a VIP member is deemed to recognize its reading service period.

    5.3 iReader has the right to change all or part of the membership benefits based on iReader's own business development needs. IReader has the right to change all or part of the membership rights. IReader will notify or announce on the corresponding service page. You can also check the latest membership benefits through the iReader website.

  6. VIP Members' Rights and Restrictions

    6.1 VIP members can participate in the activities organized by iReader and enjoy the benefits and value-added services provided by iReader.

    6.2 VIP member service is limited to the application account for their own use; VIP member service period can not be transferred between the iReader account, the prohibition of gift, borrow, role, transfer or sale. Otherwise iReader has the right to cancel the transfer of accounts without authorization, the transferee account VIP membership services, the resulting loss by the VIP members themselves.

    6.3 The same iReader VIP account can only be used on up to five devices, and at the same time the same account can only be read on two devices, beyond the scope of use, iReader system will automatically ban the account, the user can iReader released Process the account to lift the ban, the same account has been banned for 3 times the iReader the right to revoke the account or cancel the account VIP qualification. The User shall indemnify the user for any damages arising from the use of the Ultra-Range, and iReader reserves the right to pursue the liability of the perpetrator

    6.4 iReader has the right to cancel the VIP membership of the VIP member without any compensation if the behavior of the VIP member continues to violate this agreement or violate the relevant laws and regulations of the country or iReader considers that the VIP member's behavior is detrimental to the reputation and interests of iReader or others.

    6.5 VIP Members may not obtain or purchase VIP Membership services on the websites of iReaderVIP members who have not been authorized by iReader for illegal purposes such as theft, exploitation of system vulnerabilities, or else iReader has the right to disqualify VIP members. There is a problem arising from the VIP members themselves, iReader is not responsible.

    6.6 No VIP Member may use nicknames and signatures that contain unlawful, obscene, indecent or personal assaults of identity or personal assault. Upon discovery, iReader reserves the right to cancel its VIP membership without any compensation or refund.

    6.7 VIP members who have been disqualified from VIP membership can no longer participate in the activities organized by iReader and can no longer enjoy the benefits and value-added services provided by iReader, ie no longer have VIP membership rights.

    6.8 iReader provides VIP membership service content shall not be used for commercial, profit and other purposes, only for private reading.

    6.9 Copy, download, upload, modify, catalog, translate, distribute, develop, transfer, sell, display and distribute the books provided by VIP Membership Services without prior written permission from iReader; prohibit the synthesis, nesting and linking of the books provided by Membership Services ; Prohibit the use of VIP membership services provided by the book and its fragments to create derivative works, the production of greeting cards, screensavers or desktop, teaching or research, commercial development or promotion; prohibited for commercial purposes VIP membership services provided books; Is not limited to the following:
      6.9.1 Modify the service period, consumption amount and transaction status of the VIP member account by illegal means, or use the purchased VIP membership service books illegally or illegally.
      6.9.2 Give your iReader VIP member account paid or unpaid to any third party and allow others to read through your account the books provided by the VIP Member Services that were purchased by someone else.
      6.9.3 Copy, sell, rent, or authorize the books provided by the VIP Member Services to any third party.
      6.9.4 Modify, reverse, disrupt or otherwise modify, or assist others in the conduct of any security measures technology used by the iReader to protect the books provided by the VIP Member Services
      6.9.5 By non-iReader approved access to VIP membership services provided by the book, or delete VIP membership services provided on the books of any ownership statement or label.
      6.9.6 Will not, in whole or in part, display the books provided by the VIP Membership Service in any public place, in a fee or free manner, unless the above actions do not constitute infringement.
      6.9.7 Infringement of third parties' interests, infringement of third parties' information through iReader, destruction or theft of third party accounts, sending of illegal messages such as phishing and spam, and infringement of third parties' legal rights, including but not limited to privacy, intellectual property and property rights.

  7. Agreement changes

    7.1 If iReader does not agree with the change of iReader, it has the right to choose to cancel and stop the use of all or part of the corresponding services. If the VIP Member continues to use the service, IReader provides the above services, then as VIP members have accepted iReader of the above adjustments

    7.2 iReader on the VIP Member Agreement, once modified, will be posted on the page to modify the content. Once published, is deemed to inform VIP members.

    7.3 The period of use provided by the VIP Membership Service includes the reasonable time required for the iReader to resolve the problem, repair, adjust, upgrade, and so on. IReader does not compensate and reserve the right to interpret the above.

    7.4 iReader is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by any person or financial entity in connection with the use of the services provided by iReader, irrespective of the reason. IReader assumes no responsibility for the disclosure of any personal data that may be caused by a VIP member informing or sharing the personal account with others.

    7.5 VIP members who do not agree to the modification of the Terms may submit the termination of VIP Membership Service to iReader, but iReader will not refund part of the VIP Membership Service from the opening of the VIP Membership Service to the termination of the VIP Member Service; if the VIP Member continues Enjoy the VIP membership services, as VIP members have accepted the terms of the amendment.

  8. Service interruption and termination

    8.1 iReader will notify the VIP members as soon as possible, but will not bear any loss to the VIP members, and will not refund the VIP Membership Service for any reason that can not be sustained by iReader due to irresistible reasons, such as government actions, force majeure, fee.

    8.2 iReader reserves the right to terminate all the services you have purchased without prior notice to VIP members, and to cancel your iReaderVIP member account and usage rights without a refund if the VIP Member violates or is deemed to be in violation of these Terms of Service. Any paid VIP membership fee

    8.3 The failure of iReader to exercise or delay the exercise of its rights under this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such rights and any exercise of its rights under this Agreement does not exclude the exercise of any of its other rights. IReader has the right at any time to ask you to continue to fulfill its obligations and assume the corresponding breach of contract.