Mr. Hooper's Secret Lover
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In a heart-wrenching attempt to save her mother from kidney cancer and shoulder the overwhelming medical bills, Debra sold herself to him. In an urgent need to fulfill his ill grandfather's final wish—to see him married and blessed with a child, Russell sought her out, hoping her to bear him a child. Despite triumphing over a kidney transplant, Debra's mother tragically passed away because of severe complications when Debra was just three months into her pregnancy. Heartbroken and desolate, Debra made the courageous decision to pursue her studies abroad alone. Five years later, Debra finished her studies and returned. Russell, still the dominant and influential CEO he'd always been, found himself unexpectedly reunited with Debra when she stepped into the role of his employee. The five-year separation had been a relentless torment for Russell. The moment she reappeared, he was determined to never let her leave again.


Chapter 1 Bear a Child for a Stranger

"Ms. Baker, according to the contract, I've brought 25 thousand dollars cash over. Your down payment is in this bag." Amanda Conley, Russell Hooper's secretary, picked up a military canvas bag with a leather handle and handed it to Debra Baker.

"Considering that you're just a student, my boss picked out this Herbag as an additional present. It isn't showy and suits you better. He expects you to fulfill your agreement."

In the van, the curtains were drawn. Debra opened the bag and looked inside.

The heavy weight of cash felt more secure than the numbers on a card. Debra clenched the bag and took a deep breath.

"I can do this. As long as I get pregnant, Mom can have a healthy kidney. When I return from studying abroad, nobody will know about the deal." She chanted to herself inwardly.

Seeing that Debra didn't reply, Amanda carried on saying, "When you arrive, you can clean up. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning."

Debra took a shower and put on the white silk dress in the bathroom. Then she sat on the bed and caressed her face. Forcing a smile, she put on the blindfolds. Her world became dark and the room was so quiet as if she was in a dream. Debra started looking back upon the past three days. She received her mom's critically ill notification. In desperation, she even went to the black market, trying to sell her blood and kidney. Just then, a strange woman approached Debra. She scheduled a check-up for Debra and asked Debra if she was willing to bear a child with a healthy man. Although the man insisted on remaining anonymous, the offer was too good for Debra. She couldn't turn it down as she was about to give up all hope.

Russell walked into the bedroom and saw a woman sitting rigidly on the bed in a white silk dress and a blindfold. Her long black hair was still damp from the shower. Fingers fiddling the corner of the silk comforter, she looked like a spooked animal.

Russell towered over Debra and looked her up and down. He wondered why Debra was so worried. They had signed a contract and she knew Carmen Grace, her mom, was under treatment.

As the heir of the Hooper family, Russell had been on top of the food chain for a long time. He wasn't a saint, but he would never stoop so low as to take advantage of a common woman in trouble. However, when Russell visited his grandpa in the hospital, his grandpa told him that he wanted to have a great-grandchild before death. Marriage wasn't really Russell's thing. Or, he wouldn't have resorted to surrogacy.

Amanda thought of Debra, the girl she had run into in the hospital the other day. At that time, Debra was notified that she had to pay her mom's hospital bills or the doctor would discharge her mom. Figuring Debra would be a good choice, Amanda asked the hospital staff for Debra's information and gave her file to Russell.

Debra was fragile, alone, and at the end of her rope. But she was also pure, young, and healthy.

Russell took two glances at Debra's picture and agreed to pick her.

In Russell's view, everything happened so naturally. He didn't understand why Debra was so scared. Feeling intrigued, Russell sat down next to Debra. "H-hello, sir..." Debra stuttered as she felt the heat of Russell's body. She clapped up immediately, lost for words. She had mentally prepared herself for the past few days. She knew Carmen was being taken care of. The only thing she needed to do was to get pregnant and have a child to pay off the debt.

"Relax. I won't do anything unnecessary."

Debra was surprised by the man's gentle tone. His voice was low, but he sounded young, totally different from the old man in Debra's imagination.

She pressed her lips into a line, trying to stay calm.

"I had a check-up a month ago. I'm as healthy as you." Other than worrying he would step out of line, it was the only reason Russell could think of for Debra's fear.

For some reason, Russell didn't want Debra to be afraid of him.

One second later, Debra's nostrils were filled with a wooden scent. She felt the bed sink slightly, and she was pressed against the man's warm body. "Don't be afraid. I'll make you happy."

Before Debra could react, she was pinned to the bed.

Debra's heart almost stopped.

Biting her lip, she couldn't help shaking. She wasn't sure whether it was because of nervousness or fear.

Her long hair fanning on the grey-blue cover and her fair body trembling, Debra looked like a delicate flower that was asking for plucking. If one could have sex simply by a look, Russell would've done it with Debra a thousand times with his aflame gaze.

Russell leaned down and, with great patience, kissed Debra's forehead, nose, and cheeks. Gradually, he reached her lips. Debra was still biting it hard. Panicked, Debra gaped. Before she could recover from the shock, Russell swiftly shoved his tongue in.

Their breaths entangled.

A blush crawled on Debra's cheeks.

She had watched similar scenes on TV. But not until she experienced it herself, Debra didn't believe a kiss would give one goosebumps and make one boneless.

She thought, "I can't do it anymore. I can't breathe!"

As if Russell had caught on Debra's discomfort, he pulled away slightly. He stared at Debra as she tried hard to catch her breath and chuckled.

Debra was indeed pure.

She was as innocent as a newborn cub.

Seeing Debra subconsciously stick out the tip of her pink tongue, Russell felt desire surging up in him. He captured her lips again.

Russell decided that he needed to teach Debra how to enjoy it from zero.

Right now, he was more than happy to be her tutor.

Debra felt she was a boat floating on water. Sometimes, she was rocking slowly with a gentle wind. Sometimes, she was soaring into the sky with the push of a strong wave. The mysterious man had led Debra through a wonderful journey.

She felt as if her soul had left her body.

In the end, she totally forgot about time and place...

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